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Kansas City Doula

Providing Pregnancy & Birth Support

Hi! I'm Hannah.

Pregnancy and birth are special times in a mother’s life. There are so many questions and I would love to help you discover your best answers. For every mother, this will be different.

As a pregnancy and birth doula, my goal is to provide emotional, physical, and informational support, so that you can enjoy this special time. I know as a pregnant mother I spent way too much time planning and researching. My hope is that I can allow you to be present and intentional during this amazing time in your life.

How Can I Support You?

Pregnancy Support

I provide in-person or virtual coaching sessions for families that desire guidance and education on how to attain the birth or postpartum period they are envisioning. These sessions are customizable to the needs of the family.

Birth Support

During pregnancy, we cover the practicals, education, vision, and process any fears that may surface. I provide intuitive and continuous care during labor, whether that is a massage, listening to how you are feeling, or helping your partner better support you; the list is endless.

Childbirth Education

Knowledge of labor processes and comfort measures lay the foundation for an empowering birth experience. A private class allows you to talk through and process what could lie ahead.

Kind Words from Parents

“Hannah was the most incredible Doula. We weren’t sure before if we would need someone else with us but can now say she made all the difference in the world. She advocated for the type of birth we wanted, was a calm and reassuring presence, and made sure our birth experience was the best it could be. I would highly recommend her!”
Christina C.

Knowing that I wanted to have an all-natural birth, I had heard from many sources that I should hire a doula. I’m so glad I found Hannah! She met with my husband and me several times prior to the delivery to get to know us and what we wanted during labor and delivery. She helped to ease my worries about labor and recommended several great resources for us. My labor started 10 days late, but Hannah was very patient and helped answer my questions every time I thought labor was starting.
Karen C.

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Donation-Base Virtual Coaching

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What is a Doula?

What is a Doula?

My role as a doula is to hold space for a woman to seek the birth experience she envisions and to discover her own footing as a new mom. My presence allows the birthing mother to relax into her labor. I focus on providing evidence-based answers to your questions,...

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