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Donation-Base Virtual Coaching

We are in uncharted waters as a society. Pregnant mommas who were relying on the support of a partner and/or doula are now going into birth either alone or with only their partner. As our world is so rapidly changing every day I’ve been asking myself how can I serve others during this time?

I would love to offer a donation-based virtual coaching session to any families that are looking for some extra support. Whatever you can afford, even if that is nothing, is ok (normally these sessions are $85). Coaching sessions are customizable to your needs, whether that is talking through your fears, working on some self-relaxation practices, or helping your partner discover how they can best support you.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me. My heart breaks for every momma navigating through this time, but know your body is just as capable to birth your baby today as it was a month ago.


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